Roeders RXP 800 High Speed Machining Center 

The Roeders RXP 800 with Linear Drives will enable us to increase speed and accuracy while machining your projects.


  • Linear drives in all axes for highest dynamics and stiffness
  • Extremely stiff portal machine design with very short Z axis
  • Up to 60 m/min feed rate at the work piece, maximum feed rate is limited to obtain highest possible precision
  • Roughing and finishing of steel (hardened), copper, aluminium and graphite
  • Roeders RMS6 control for highest accuracy and minimal machining time
  • Spindle growth compensation with high precision sensor available
  • Cooling of linear drives and milling spindle for highest accuracy

Our promise to you

We understand how to make a mold perform, resulting in a product of lower cost and higher return, or stated more clearly, a product of superior value. We give you our promise to provide the best product at the best price on the best schedule. We're interested in forging lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.

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