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Engineer featured in Career Pathways

From the Herald Palladium

By Candice Elders, Michigan Works!

December 15, 2009

Meet an Engineer

Joe Young is a Senior Design Engineer at Mach Mold in Benton Harbor. Mach Mold makes products like injection molds and fixtures primarily for the automotive industry. Joe has been with Mach Mold for 21 years. After completing high school in Eau Claire, his goal was to become an automotive mechanic but after meeting a college recruiter he decided to pursue a career in manufacturing and graduated from Lake Michigan College with a Design Engineer Journeyman’s Certi­cate. Joe is one of three Design Engineers at Mach Mold. He works closely with several different teams each day. “There’s a lot of back and forth between the shop ‑ oor and the sales department,” explains Joe. “What we do in engineering is design the tool that creates that part that the customer wants. So our contact with the customer is through the sales department. We have to work close so everything is understood about the needed tool.”

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Bill Mach wins 2009 AMBA Mold Builder of the Year

American Mold Builder Association - March 10, 2009

Bill Mach of Mach Mold Inc. Awarded AMBA’s Mold Builder of the Year

The American Mold Builders Association presented its annual “Mold Builder of the Year” award to Bill Mach, owner of Mach Mold Inc., Benton Harbor, Michigan. The award was presented at the AMBA 2009 Annual Convention in San Juan, Puerto Rico, (February 28-March 5). Bill has been in the moldmaking business since graduating from Ferris State College with a degree in Tool and Die, and completing his apprenticeship at Advanced Products in 1974.

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Manufacturing Takes Center Stage

They rolled in aboard school buses by the dozens, often times sporting their own school colors and logos, but they all left with the potential to be on the same team, wearing the same Manufacturing Day logo thanks to free t-shirts and an incredible array of free advice and counseling.

Hundreds of students from a dozen different school districts were welcomed to the manufacturing floor at Mach Mold, Gaishin Manufacturing and Maximum Mold in the Urbandale Industrial Park of Benton Charter Township today for the 2nd Annual Manufacturing Day, showcasing the industry that built America and put Michigan on the map.

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